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Awesome! How Finest Police in the Law Enforcement in Texas arrested a Lawbreaker…? (VIDEO)

A video published from Facebook page “Dont Panic The Rapper” where a law breaker is being arrested, received more than 22 million views.

This action happened on Texas, and those polices are The Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, Texas.

Many of video viewers have liked this police action which happened at Huston.

“Personally I salute that officer. He appears to take his job seriously. To the point where he is ready to do what it takes to accomplish his tasks. A very honorable thing to do. An older officer may not have been able to catch that guy. He was like gone 😤 like skidaddle boom. Who was gonna catch him. This guy knew that who ever was gonna try and run him down was up for a good challenge. 9/10 this guy would get away. Imagine if this kid was representing our country in the 200, 400, 800 and the 1200. He would have his picture on a wheaties box instead of a blotter”, said one video viewer in his comment.

To see his full action, watch video below here:

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