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Black Alabama Running Back Loses Scholarship Over SICK Anti-Trump Outburst

When President Trump attended the NCAA national football championship game Monday he just wanted to see some football, but the players decided to bring politics to the game — especially Atlanta running back Bo Scarbrough, who won liberals’ hearts by acting like the trash he is.

Video that has gone viral among unpatriotic scumbags shows Scarbrough screaming “fuck Trump” as he walks with his team to the field. Other unidentified players joined in.

While Scarbrough may have thought his outburst was funny, school administrators didn’t. According to University of Alabama president Mark Heller, “the decision was made to remove Mr. Scarborough from the team following his outburst, which does not represent the values of this institution.”

This is bad news for the anti-Trump player, who was attending U of A on a combination of an athletic scholarship and financial aid.

The school refuses to give further information on Scarborough’s removal citing student privacy.

Things might get much worse for Scarborough, as he may have run afoul of a school policy that could see him paying a fine of up to $2,500. He may have also violated a local ordinance requiring performers to limit “the public use of foul language.” This carries a penalty of up to 40 hours community service and $1,000 in fines.

It’s good to see schools no longer tolerating attacks on our President and our country. Keep it up, U of A!

Source: The Last Line Of Defense


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