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Illegal immigrant rapes of 4-year-old girl in Las Vegas, films attack on his phone

A 23 year-old illegal alien was arrested this week after raping a four year-old girl and recording the crime with his phone.

Although the left would have you believe that every single person coming into America in this fashion is just someone looking for a better life, Medrano is proof of the exact opposite. In fact, it wasn’t long after he made the popular U.S. city his home that he did the unimaginable.

For about three weeks, the man was able to get away with the sick and horrendous crime, but his life as a free man was slowly coming to an end. Come to find out, it was the man’s sick, mid-rape practice that would be his undoing.

A tattoo on the man’s hand in the video matches a tattoo on Medrano, the report says, leading police to identify Medrano as a suspect. Julio Cesar Medrano was jailed after a friend found the video on his phone, reports The Daily Mail.

According to arrest reports, the 30-second video reveals a man sodomizing the child. A time stamp from the video shows that the sexual assault occurred on April 3.

The Clark County Detention Center’s online database indicates that Medrano, who is lodged in the jail under his alias, Rodriguez, has been charged with seven criminal counts, including sexual assault against a child younger than 14; producing and possessing child pornography; child abuse or neglect; possession of a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed knife without a permit…

It has also been reported that an immigration detainer has been filed against Medrano, though officials have not released any details on his immigration status in the U.S. or his country of origin.

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